MeeT tHe MilLeRs

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Just For Fun

Elle is becoming quite the goofball. I just love these two photos of her. She was playing with some of her toys with this little guy just hanging out in her mouth.

Yep She Stands!

One morning I put Elle in her crib to play while I did some stuff.  When I turned around to my surprise I found Elle standing up grinning at me as if to tell me, “Yes Mama I know exactly what I’m capable of doing.”  Looks like it’s time for a new crib.


 Here are some more videos of Elle.  My personal favorite is Tim changing the dirty diaper, make sure to watch it.  Sorry this post is so short. I have so many videos and not enough time to blog. 


EVER since Elle was born I’m pretty sure she has been dreaming of the day she would be mobile.  About two week ago Elle built up her courage to finally start crawling.  She loves the independence of roaming where ever she wants.  Within the same week of crawling she started to pull herself up which has been my biggest fear, she has definitely had her fair share of falls and tears.  Elle has also proved to us how motivated she is to take the next step closer to walking, by standing all by herself.  Tim was playing with Elle by the mirror and when he let go of her she would stand for like 10 seconds all by herself. She loved it! She was smiling with a hint of concern on her face, not sure of what this new sense of freedom was. By the time I could grab the camera we could only get her standing for like 5 seconds.  When I say she’s off I really mean it. I’m thinking next week she will try flying, just kidding that might take two weeks. Anyways I have so many new videos of Baby Elle. I sure hope you have some time to watch them.
This was Ellie's first day of crawling. Now she's a   pro at it!

Bucket List!

Somewhere in the way back of my closet I have a list of things written down that I call my bucket list. Now my list is nothing ridiculous that I would never be able to achieve such as hiking Mount  Everest or walking The Great Wall of China.  I keep it real simple like to name a few, surfing a full wave all by myself, shaking the hand of the prophet or cooking a full thanksgiving dinner. My list is long and I have only marked off two, running a marathon and climbing Half Dome with Tim. Two weeks ago that all changed.  I was finally able to mark off dancing in a flash mob.
My cousin Peter got married in L.A. so the whole Stevenson family was in town.  My cousin Patricia’s birthday was that Friday before so her brothers and sisters organized a flash mob for her. It was the same flash mob group from the show Modern Family that they got to do for my cousin.  They decided to have it all go down at Olvera St. which was right around the corner from where my dad and his family grow up.  We were told to blend into the crowd as much as we could to give Patricia the full surprise of us all being there.  It was so fun to see all of my cousins and even more fun to watch everyone trying to blend as everyone started to arrive and no one was able to talk and say hi, one of my uncles was even wearing a sombrero and poncho to blend in. We all couldn’t talk and some of them I hadn’t seen in like 10 years.  When the music finally started playing Patricia was totally surprised.  We all started dancing for her some a little off beat, but all for the same reason, to give Patricia the best 50th birthday gift ever. I loved dancing with my aunts and uncles and cousins it was so fun. One more checked off the ol’ bucket list.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Home Sweet Home

I think I’ll start off this next post with a little back ground story of where Tim and I both come from.  First off I grew up in a place called Modesto meaning modest which is ironic because it’s far from it. It’s a town where cowboys and gangsters came together to form the most unattractive place to live in America.  Might I also add Modesto has been in the top 5 cities for autotheft.  Ask Tim, I cringe when someone asks me where I grew up.  I even had someone come back with a reaction of surprise when finding out that I grew up in Modesto as if a well suited person was never expected to make it out of that place. Although I may have some bitter feelings of what my home town has become in the last couple of years I do have to give it credit for having some of the most beautiful almond and walnut orchards and for Gallo Winery which makes for some beautiful vineyards. Sadly all the farming has been taken over by homes, Dollar Trees, and tattoo shops.  Well that’s where I’m from. 

Tim on the other hand is from Mount Vernon, WA. Before I met Tim I had no idea that such a beautiful place existed. I was surprised the first time he took me home to see that they had so much space and that all the homes weren’t cluttered together. From Tim’s parents kitchen window you can see Mt. Baker which is a volcano. All around the home is farmland and the best part is that it’s green.  When tax season ended Tim, the baby and I took a trip up to Mount Vernon to see the family and show off Ellie. We ended up getting there in mid April which was perfect timing to see the tulip fields in bloom. Mount Vernon and Holland are the two largest distributors of tulips in the world and it is a site to see. We got a family picture and some pictures with grandma and grandpa. We had a lot of fun in Mount Vernon. Elle loved all the cousins around her to play with and I loved having babysitters.