MeeT tHe MilLeRs

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Avila Pier

After Avila Valley Farms we took off to the pier to go see the sea lions in Avila Beach.  The Pier was the busiest I had ever seen it. There were people fishing over the side of the pier, people at the cutting table cutting up their fish there was even a stand where some people were selling lobsters and crabs.  Of course the sea lions were a big attraction, not very active that day but still so fun to watch.  It ended up being a pretty fun weekend the best part was being able to spend some time with Tim’s family. We want everyone to come and see us eventually and we have the room now. 

Avila Valley Farms

                                                 Last weekend Grandma arrived with Tia & Tod and cousin Abby! We had so much fun with them and loved having them here.  Saturday morning we took the dogs (Rudy Tia’s dog and my sisters dog Andy) to the sand dunes. We have yet to take a picture of the sand dunes that we live right next to, but I need to get one up soon.  After the dogs got enough running in we decided to drive to San Luis Obispo and walk around and look at all the boutiques.           
Sunday after church we went into Avila about 10 minutes down the freeway and stopped at Avila Valley Farms. It’s a petting zoo/ fruit stand. We looked at the market and then fed some animals. We got some great pictures of some of the farm animals they were pretty hilarious to watch.                 

Friday, July 27, 2012

Sweet Potatoes


              As of yesterday Elle started to realize that if she blows bubbles with her saliva while I am feeding her, her food will go everywhere and she would love it and mommy would hate it.  I have to admit orange is a good color on her, but not on the carpet.  

Grandma & Grandpa

Two weeks ago my sister and I took a girls trip home with Elle to visit my parents.  It was a fast trip and I miss them already.  We only live 4 hours away from my parents now and it’s been so fun to show off Ellie whenever we make it out there to them.  Love you Mom & Dad be home soon!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

elLiE cAkEs :)

elle is as cute as can be. She is so close to walking she stands up right now has three teeth and two more coming in. She is only happy with two toys in her hands and says mama, dada, nana, and baba. I can tell she loves all the space she has to roam around since we moved. She has her very own bed room and a new crib which she loves to play in and bounce in. I can’t wait to see her grow some more. Only 4 more months and she will be a year! 

Thank Heavens for 7/11 !!!

ELLE and I enjoyed a walk to 7 Eleven on 7/11 for a free slurpee they were passing out. It was quit refreshing on a hot day. Until next year 7 Eleven.

Hurts Castle with the Clarks

I am so glad that our friends Morgan and Nicole decided to go to Hearst  Castle and invite us to come along.  Now that we moved up to Arroyo Grande we live like an hour or so away from our favorite friends the Clarks.  It was so good to see them and hang out too, while we checked out the castle Mr. Hearst built in San Simeon. It was amazing! There were ancient tapestries from before Christ and wood work from Spain from like the 1700’s and statues that looked very old and it is all up in a castle on a mountain in the middle of nowhere. Some of the photos of Hearst Castle I stole from Nicole due to our camera dying…  Thanks Nicole! After Hearst Castle we jumped in the Car and drove up the 1 a mile or so to look at the Elephant Seals. They were so freakishly weird looking I had never seen such a thing in my life, but they were actually pretty fun to watch. They must be territorial because they were always fighting. 

*I Love America*

I Love the 4th of July!  It’s my favorite holiday probably because it’s the only big holiday during the summer.  It’s something about the hot sun, lemonade, and fireworks that pulls me in.  Last year while we lived in San Diego Tim and I drove up to the central coast for the 4th to hang out with Megan and Rob, we liked it so much we moved here.  This year we were moving the week of the 4th so Tim had the whole week off! It was awesome having him home that long even though he was actually out surfing before I even woke up.Anyways this 4th of July turned out to be pretty fun. In the morning we went to the Cayucos parade with Meg and Rob, the Fishers and the Becks some of Robs friends. It was a small town parade, but those are the best they had some pretty good floats.  Then we walked down to the beach where they were having a sand castle competition. For some reason we only got one picture of the competition, but it was my favorite one “The Other End of Mt. Rushmore” hehe .  When we got home from Cayucos Tia and Tod where here to hang out we went to the sand dunes then we went and looked at the sea lions and finally we ended the night by watching fireworks at a friend’s house from church.  This is why I love the 4th of July.  Never a cloud in the sky everyone’s out of their house hanging out with the community and most importantly celebrating our freedom in America.