MeeT tHe MilLeRs

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father’s day to the best dad ever! Tim has been such a rock for me with our new little one Elle. He is always helping me out feeding her, holding her, making bottles. So I decided that I would make a tie so Tim could wear it to church and everyone would know how great of a dad he is. I am going to make the tie thing a tradition and I can’t wait when Elle can decorate the tie all by herself. Tim also got a big surprise when he got home from church to find a six pack of Crush in the fridge wanting for him. Elle was so exciting to give it to him.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I know the family loved the video of Tim changing the poopy diaper so I decided to make him do it again.  I did promise him that if he let me record him one more time he wouldn’t have to change another poopy diaper again, which wasn’t a hard decision because he always somehow conveniently disappears when Elle needs a change anyways.  It was so worth it though because this was the best video yet. I put it up on facebook  and everyone loved it too 

Good Bye San Diego :( Hello Pismo Beach :)

We have had so much fun the year and a half we have lived here in San Diego. We will miss so much of San Diego and so many people here.  I got the opportunity to work with Tim a short time during tax season. I enjoyed it full heartily. The ladies Tim worked with Edy and Sue were so fun and nice to me always buying me hot chocolates and peanut M&M’s.  After Elle was born we made it a tradition to bring in Elle to the office like twice a month.   I will miss Sue and Edy so much, but promise to be back soon to stop in and say hello.
It has been so fun as well to have family come to see us here, we love visitors. It gives us an excuse to spend money and have a little extra fun. The friends at church have been super fun as well, always inviting us to bonfires, beach days, and trips to the yogurt shop.  San Diego 1st ward we will miss you guys come visit us in Pismo Beach!

Fun in the Sun

Elle’s first time playing in the sand was so fun. She loved it! While Tim surfed Elle and I played and ate sand.  Elle loved being free and roaming all over.  We had some friends there with us from church and it turned out to be one of the nicest days on the beach so far. 

San Diego ZoO

We are so lucky to live right down the street from the San Diego ZoO! And even luckier that Tim’s work gave us a zoo pass.  The zoo is now open till 9:00 p.m. which makes for some awesome nights at the zoo. I really do believe the animals are happier when the sun goes down.  The zoo is in Balboa Park and it’s beautiful there. We got some fun pictures on the Skyfari tram.  


We were so happy when Tim’s friend Jefferson called us up and told us he was coming into town.  We haven’t hung out with friends from college in a long long time.  They were here for only like a day and a half so we had a big day Saturday. First we went to Which Wich one our favorite places to eat. Then we walked down to Pacific Beach and walked the pier. Then off to the USS  Midway. Tim and I have always wanted to go to it. It’s a retired aircraft carrier that has a lot of plans and cool stuff. Walked Seaport Village then the boys watched the game while Tess and I went shopping. Later that night we went down town walked around some more and finished it off with Ghirardelli ice cream. It was a big long day and we were all very tired at the end of it.  


Tim has become quite the surfer since moving to San Diego, me I’m more of a boogie boarder. So when we first got here we went to Costco and got a long board to go surfing with and it turned out to be a great investment. I feel like Tim takes it out once a week.  It’s fun to go to the beach with him and take pictures. Even more fun to try and pick him out of all the surfers in the water.

Dog Surfing

Dog surfing is awesome! I was watching the news one day and saw that there was going to be a surf competition for our four legged friends on Saturday morning in Imperial Beach. Imperial Beach is more south of us and Tim and I had never really cared to go to that beach, but I am so glad we did. First of all the dogs were so fun to watch. These little guys have no fear when it comes to surfing the big waves. In fact I think they actually liked showing off to the huge crowd that were watching. Secondly I would have never guessed that Imperial Beach had such a great view of San Diego, I love the picture Tim got of the skyline.  It was a fun day which also included garage sales and In N Out.  

CuP cAkEs

I haven’t been much of a gourmet chef just a little cooking here and there, but sweets I love making sweets.  I make cookies, cakes, and most of all cupcakes. I made these cupcakes for the co-workers at Tim’s work, they were so fun and easy.