MeeT tHe MilLeRs

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

PuPpy LOvE

If you think you've seen cute just wait till you see BABY Elle and  PUPPY playing together. These have got to be my favorite videos so far, it's too cute.  Tia and Tod stopped by on their way home from Washington with their new little addition to the family.  It was so fun to have them here as always, but Elle especially loved the puppy, that I will call Finn (that's what I want them to name him.) Little puppy got to playing with Elle's toys which Elle never plays with anymore, but when the puppy started to take a liking to them she wanted them back. The videos are of Elle and puppy playing tug-a-war and Elle was loving it.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Copy Cat

The first video is just plain old cute so I had to post it.  The second one is Elle grunting at Tim when he grunts at her.  She loves to copy people and I have so many videos of different things she does but I think it's so funny when she grunts so I picked this one. 

Miss Independent

This may not excite most people but for me I feel like a million bucks knowing that I had thought my little girl to hold her own bottle and eat green beans all by herself.  Can I just say that it was an exciting day when I realized I would not have to hold her bottle anymore.  Now she won't even let me try to hold it for her, she wants to do it all by herself.  She is starting to act and look like a toddler so much now.  Eating dinner with us at the table and shaking her head NO for everything even when she wants something.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

BIG 30!

I’m so bummed.  For Tim’s 30th birthday party I had so many pictures I took, but when I went to upload them they all disappeared, so I guess I will be describing the birthday party for this post.  I wanted to go all out for Tim’s big 30. So I threw him a surprise party Friday after work.  There ended up being more kids there then adults at the party which made it a rockin’ party.  I had all of Tim’s favorite foods there like Hawaiian pizza, Root Beer, homemade salsa thanks to Megan, a tie dyed cake which I really wanted to show off to ya’ll, and an apple pie and vanilla ice cream from Avila Valley Farms and you can’t forget the carrots.  It ended up being pretty fun, but  for the real fun we went to Six Flags the next day with some friends of ours that live in Ventura as well as Tia and Tod who made it out. The rides were pretty intense and I’ve decided I’m all roller coastered out for awhile.  Morgan and Nicole snapped this photo of us right before takeoff. 

Just being elle

elle does this thing. I started to notice her doing it a long time ago like when she was six months.  I never thought much about it until I noticed she still does it from time to time.  She loves to just leave toys in her mouth and let them hang out there.  I guess im not surprised, she probably gets in from me. I’ve been caught myself a couple of times with pins, plastic lids, and finger nails in my mouth.  She copies me a lot now. Like when it becomes very quite I know she is up to no good.  I run up to her and shake my head NO she just smiles and laughs and shakes her head NO right back at me cause she knows I will let her get away with anything….  for right now.

Labor Day- Here’s to you for making the weekend longer

I forgot to post these fun photos at the sand dunes. Hope you can see them

Grandma and Grandpa Stevenson come into town for the long weekend. When they got here I asked them what they wanted to do and they said nothing, this is our vacation we just want to relax.  I think they just wanted to play with Elle.  We did end up getting out to the beach we thought it was going to be packed with people, but it wasn’t that bad.  Elle had fun in the water for about 10 minutes then she was done and it was on to the next thing. Thanks Mom and Dad for making the trip out here we loVe to see you.  

hUMpback whales

At the end of August and for a couple of weeks we got a special treat here on the central coast.   A lot of sea life was very close to the shore for everyone to enjoy.  There were dolphins, thousands of pelicans, humpback whales and much more under the water that we couldn’t see.  The reason I believe was because of the extra amount of kelt and anchovies in the water and the humpback whales were just making their way down on to Mexico.   A whole lot of people come into town just to see the whales, and see them they did.  They were so close that they could smell their breath, the people on the news said.  Personally I would never get that close to a humpback, don’t want to be the next Jonah.  People were in canoes and on paddle boards getting as close to them as they could.  The first couple of pictures I put up were from the news that people sent in, there are some crazy pictures online.  The next set of pictures would be ours that we took.  Not cool I know, but by the time Tim and I could get out there it was like 6:30 and the whales were done for the day, but we did get a picture of two dolphins a huge group of birds attacking something in the water and a humpback whale a couple hundred yards away, you can see the spray of water